A soulful place is that place deep inside where we feel at home, where we feel at peace, where we are in tune with our surroundings and ultimately, ourselves. We experience our soulful place when something moves us, touches us, makes us breathe more deeply, makes us let go – an intermingling of faith and self.

Home is the place where traditions transpire, where love resides, where we gather together to share the blessings of our lives.  Our homes provide more than a roof over our heads, more than shelter from the storm – home is where we feed our souls and our stomachs!

The family meal is a ritual born early in childhood, where get-togethers, holidays, seasons, special occasions, along with everyday life, revolve around the food that is prepared and served with great love.

Food is love. Food is art. Art is home. Home is love.

Home – where we find comfort among the familiar and personal places we create in every room, every corner. Our homes are our palettes and true reflections of our personalities. A peek inside our home is a peek inside our soul.

My soul sings at home.

Come on in . . .

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